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After a Long night taking into consideration what may have been the problem why I wasn't able to pull in Large Mouth bass. I finally came to a solution, The Water was 45 and Most Large Mouth Turn off When The Temperatures dip below the 50 Degree mark. So after looking at old reports (From January 2003) I Finally Came up with a game plan for the upcoming outing. After The Rain came Through I knew the water would be up, the fish would be closer to shore with the high water and Very low light conditions. And I decided to Finesse a 3.5" Black Finesse Tube by YUM. I used a Red 1/0 Eagle Claw Worm hook and Attached Two BB Split shots 15 " above the Tube. The Plan was to fish Slow, Be patient and Catch at least Two Large Mouth Bass. I let the current do most of the work; And I Barely made movements just a quick Jerk every now and then, and very tight jigging motions just to get the tentacles of the tube moving. I ended the Day with Four Large Mouth Bass and one Bluegill. And Unfortunately for Shane He was unable to hook into a fish today, Better luck next time buddy. :aaathumbsup:

Here's Pictures of Our Outing.


Temperature: 51

Sky: Over Cast

Wind Range: Light ( 0-10MPH)

Wind Direction: WEST

Weather trends: Stable

Barometer: Lowering

Water temp: 45

Water Color: Slightly Stained

Water Visibility: 1 Feet

Current Conditions: Moderate

Bottom Conditions: Rock / debris

* Georges Out Come*

Caught: 5

Lost: 0

Released: 5

Fish Health: healthy


Bait/Lure Presentation: Slow

Rod Used: Ugly Stick Light 6'0 Medium/light

Reel used: pFlueger Trion 7 ball bearing

Line used: 6lb Trilene XL

Lure/Hook: 1/0 Worm Hook / Black Finesse tube YUM

Bait used: --

Beverage: ---

Snack: ---

Repellant: ---

*Season Tally*

Season Skunks: 0

Season Fish: 23

Season Outings: 2


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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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