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PG Report: 10/22/05 ..... Schooled

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Since I wasn't Able to go With Paul to Wisconsin and get in to the salmonoids on my fly rod... I settled for the Chicago River. Arrived at 10:00am no bite for the carp so quickly adjusted and moved, Angel and I moved to a usually nice producing bridge when all else fails. We moved there and caught some then moved a couple more times until we decided to both just throw out for carp and Chill. While "chilling" Angel had two carp which managed to both escape. I had a couple hits from carp but nothing to show. So I decided "what the Hell" Got the Berkley (My Jigging Rod) and jigged. While Jigging a Metropolitan Officer in an SUV pulled up behind us while Angel was well umm... Relieving himself, So we both got scared... But it was cool he didn't see anything. He asked for my license and checked my state I.D. And stressed to angel to get a state I.D. then the officer was back to his truck. Then I went back to my book bag to put my wallet back in my book bag I noticed a Jig of mine fell out. So what the hay. Tied it on and threw it out. Second Cast She hit and boy was she a Beauty! The Metropolitan Officer still there was stunned and congratulated me on my success. Boy was today a great one.

Total Catch:
George 1 Large Mouth, 1 Crappie, 1 Rock Bass, 4 Bluegill
Angel 0

Date: 10/22/05

Time: 10am-12h30pm

Place: Chicago River

Temp: 53

Sky: Overcast

Wind: 8 WSW

Water: Clear

Water Vis: 4 Feet

Water Temp: 63

Lure: 1/62oz jig/ YUM Fire tiger Beaver tail/ Montrose Jig,white

Line: 6lb Trilene XL

Rod: Berkley Lightning Series 6'0 Med. Light

Reel: Rapala 20

Species Caught: Large, rock Bass, Crappie, and Bluegill


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prince o pike said:
where is this spot? :D
George W's secret spot. :wink:
Last I heard, George was somewhere on the trail. :)
I don't know, but I remember reading it in an old post. :?
Are you actually refering to the North shore canal when you say chicago river, or is it actually on the north branch or something? By north park?
I have had great success for :roll: the panfish on the canal.
I believe that George fishes the North Branch near North Park.

George and his boy look like a couple of thugs, I bet the officer was surprised when they pulled out their licenses.
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Oh hell
Nice report George. (Well written). That area by Lincoln mall? I caught some nice bass by foster n kedzie . Riverwalk I think? Also some huge carp. Lots of snagges ther though. :)
Yes sir Right by North Park, this is 05 I've Learned much more since Then. Fish quality is much greater increased this year, Havn't Really Had Time to Report But have been fishing :p :twisted: Surprisingly not On the River Since Summer. I bought a boat 10 ft. 2 man swivel seats.... ahhhh Equipped With a F#@#@#@#@ Nice fish finder no wonder haven't been skunked since i've had it. Still a lot to be caught As we all Know There is no End For my fishing season just new tactics. I Should be Back on here more Now that i'm Not traveling as much. Sorry i've been a bit Tight lipped this year, but Theres a lot I have accomplished including 8 New Personal Record fish (NONE FROM RIVER :roll: yet..) Should be around much more And hopefully I can get the Pics, And Video up soon... That would be a lot of work though months... Worth of outings... sheeze

Tight lines guys
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That's awesome that you got a boat George. Have you taken it out on and FP lakes yet?
have taken it to busse didn't realize the quality of bass and walleye and have taken it to skokie nice northern. the boat is light enough for two determined men to pretty much throw it in anywhere. :D going to be a Great Year Next year. this year was the best yet knocking any other year out like it never even happened, Learned more then i ever thought i could Only Got Skunked Once And fished over 150 days thus far. Basically Set all new personal records for myself....

Can't wait until next year,

this Winter I want to Show Open Water Fishing At it's finest all over The Chicago Land area.

I plan to be out every day accept anniversary in january.
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