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Wakeing up at 6:20am to the sight of my brother In his room... :thinking:

Now this is unusual he's usually at work so I told him get up were going fishing... He Said no.. Don't want to.. And I told Him I promise you a Carp !! And he loves to fight them so thats what happened he got up... And Well Took very long and usually I'll leave someone if they take that long. But we ended up getting out of the house at 10:20am To do some Fishing. I Told Him What My plan Was.. Where'd we get out at fish we'll end up making a big circle and then come back to fish carp after we've jigged for Panfish ( Bass,Crappie,Bluegill). The Bluegill part worked great We Were on a school very quickly... I had a Crappie in which had got off... By a Bent jig head it was at least 11 1/2 12 inch crappie. Water was very clear today.

Here's Some Pictures Of our outing

Total Catch:
James 4 Bluegill, 1 Bass, 1 Carp
George 17 Bluegill, 2 Bass, 2 Green Sunfish

Had a fun time...

This "same old" all the time is starting to get to me though....


Sky: Sunny

Wind: S 8 mph

Water: Clear

Water Vis: 4 1/2 Feet

Water Temp: 60

Line: 6lb Trilene XT

Lure: 1/62 oz Jig .... Earth Toned Bulky plastics

Rod: Berkley Lightning series 6'0

Reel: Rapala 20

Technigue: Little Twitches along bottom, Mimicking more of a small cray fish rather then a bait fish.

Start: 10:36am
End: 1:01pm

N.W. Chciago ill.
Perch Guy03
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