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PG REPORT: 11/04/05 ... DUO

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After Bowling Practice came home got the rod and tackle Michael, Clifford and my brother James came along also.We arrived at 3:30pm and fished untill 4:50pm. The Fish were there But most were very small... Bite after bite But unable t hook up on most because They were just to small. I was able to hook up with 3 Carp Including one Monster ! 5'10 150lbs And I was Knocked off Balance on the hook set 2thumbsup

Total Catch:
James 0
Clifford 1
Michael 1
George 3

Here's Some pictures with a lot of action pictures because the one clifford caught and the first one i caught was a Double !!!

Temp: 63

Sky: Mostly Cloudy

Wind: NE 5 MPH

Water: Clear/Dark

Water Temp: 58

Water Vis: 2 Feet

Rod: 10'6 Daiwia Fire Wolf med. / lite

Reel: pFlueger Trion 7 ball bearings

Line: 8lb Trilene XT

Hook: Size 4 Red Bait holder hook.../ No barbs

Bait: Butternut White Bread

Perch Guy
Chicago Ill.

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George... really nice fish. That one carp is bigger than you! Did you get a weight on it?

You know... a WCF carp outing may be in the offing in the next few weeks on the Chicago River.
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