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Today went out for awhile 1:00pm-4:00pm And it was very slow... I had fun while out got wet and cold alittle later in the outing. Michael Foul Hooked a Beautiful Crappie And I managed one Common Carp.

Here's Some pictures enjoy

Total Catch:
George 1 Common Carp
Michael 1 White Crappie (x)

Water Temp Went up Really Quick... Think something was dumped in I've never seeen it rise so quick.

Temp: 56

Sky: Drizzle/Cloudy

Wind: N 6 mph


Water Temp:64

Water Vis: 2 Feet

Hook: Size 6 Bronze Bait Holder

Line: 8lb Trilene XT ( Green )

Rod: 10'6 Med/lite Diawia Fire Wolf

Reel: pFlueger Trion 7 ball bearings

Bait: BIMBO White Bread

Presentation: Slip sinker rig... 1/2 oz Bullet Sinker on main line attached to barrel swivel being able to slide free then leader attached.... Then Attached was Size 6 Hook. Leader was Exactly 11 Inches Long.

Chicago Il
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Sometimes I wonder why anyone would go Kentucky Lake for crappie when we have some of the best crwappie right here in the Chicago River. That is one awesome crappie, guys!

just to clear everything up... Since I know I've been getting a lot of carp lately 13 in 3 outings.... I am a multi species fisherman Next spring i'll be able to drive and cant wait untill I can wade the Fox !!!!

This question is for anyone who consistantly fishes the chicago river:

My brother is a heavy Catfisherman He loves the speciment. I usually put him on cats near warm water discharges or Deep holes Or even steep drop offs with some type of under water structure... But is there a consistant Catfish hole That produces good Numbers other then howard and Mcormick Becuase He wants them now.. while i on the other hand is looking into some bass and crappie action this weekend.


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