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PG REPORT: 11/08/05... Get 'er Done

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This Report and Post is Dedicated to Angel Duran who is in surgery as we speak their operating on his right leg. Have a safe and speedy recovery so we can get back out there 2thumbsup

James and I arrived at 1:00pm And Fished untill 5:15pm.

Feeling good from my first bowling match the previous day in which I bowled a 132 and second game a 143 We won versus Lake veiw High school. This was only my fifth time bowling in my life and first competition.

Fishing started ok... I hooked into about an 8 inch Greenie then my brother followed right after with a bull head. After that I hooked and landed a carp and he hooked into a nice channel cat that came un hooked close to shore :DOH: The Rest of the day was ok My brother ended up hooking a HUGE carp and I managed to get the opportunity for a huge caro 16+ Pounds and the hook came flying at me after about a 5 minute battle aarg Today we fished sumerged Stumps We Were fishing right on top of them Right after the stump was a steep drop off and these fish seemed to have all congergated to this area.

Here's Pictures To tell the rest of my story :LOUD:

James's Carp Caught on White Bread 20lbs 6oz

Total Catch:
James 2 Common Carp, 2 bullhead
George 3 Common Carp, 1 Bullhead, 1 Green Sunfish

Temp: 59

Wind:ESE 8 mph

Sky: Overcast

Water: Clear

Water Temp: 62

Water Vis: 2 1/2 Feet

Rod: Diawia Fire Wolf 10'6 Med/Lite

Reel: pFlueger Trion 7 ball bearings

Hook: Size 6 Bronze Bait holder

Line: 8lb Tielen XT

Presentation: 3/4 oz Egg Sinker Attached to barrel swivel on main line able to slide free. Lleader then attached to swivel and size 6 hook. Leader was 11 inches long.

Perch Guy
Chicago Il.

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Nice job George! Your logging a lot of hours fishing I see. Wish I had more time. Being an adult sucks!!!! :D
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