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After school Decided to get the bike and head down to the Chicago river ( Clear Blue) Instead of some carp fishing I was hoping to get into some crappie but after getting there the greenies, gills and largies changed my mind and before I knew it, well it was time to head home. I was jigging on my 6'0 Berkley Lightning series rod with 6lb test and a 1/62oz jig with a variety of small plastics. As I was leaving seen another guy come, Usually I have the whole river to myself this time of year.

Fished from3:15pm-5:13pm

Total Catch:
George 28 Pan fish, 2 Large mouth

Temp: 43

Arrival Time: 3:15pm

Depart Time: 5:13pm

Sky: Mostly Clear

Wind: WSW 7 MPH

Water: Clear

Water Temp: 61

Water Vis: 3 1/2 feet

Rod: 6'0 med/lite Berkley Lightning rod

Reel: Rapala Size 20

Line: 6lb Trilene XL

Lure: 1/62 oz Jig with variety of plastics

Technique: For the Large Mouth it was Let it hit the bottom and two agressive jigs up they both hit it on the fall again. For the pan fish Kept twitching rod kept lure about 1 foot off the bottom fish were suspended 10-16 inches off the bottom. I fished in 6 Feet of water today.

Perch Guy
Chicago Il.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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