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I attended bowling practice while my brother fished for carp once again wtf So after bowling practice i met up with him around 3:00pm He had already caught two I caught one while I was there but he didn't manage none..

Total Catch:
George 1 Common Carp
James 2 Common Carp

Temp: 58

Sky: Mostly Cloudy

Wind: S 10 MPH

Water: Clear

Water vis: 1 1/2 Feet

Water Temp: 61

Rod: Diawia Fire wolf 10'6 Med/light

Reel: pFlueger Trion 7 ball bearrings

Line: 8lb XL Main line, 6lb Vainish Leader

Hook: Size 4 Red Bait holder

Bait: White bread dipped into special preperation bait.

Chicago Ill.
Perch Guy

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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