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PG REPORT: 11/12/05 .... All-so-pure

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Today I finally Talked my brother into doing some of my favorite Types of Fishing, Jigging And Finesse Fishing, The finessing didn't work out as much As I'd Like But the jigging did. My Brother Always Tries to make it a competition between us I congratulate him on a catch well done, then he brags about it Which is fine with me That's the person he is. Well After hearing about How he'd Out fished me Last outing I think with the biggest and the most and telling me I thought you were a good fisherman which was un called for... I decided to get a little pay back. While jigging I made him walk all over the river when we eventually Stopped because he said he wont go no more and we finished where we started He decided to go to another local spot and Fish for His favorite I guess Carp. We set up and I hooked and missed one right away... He ended up catching two early carp then went on saying Nobody ever catches carp at night or in the rain, At this time it was pouring off and on. So I Was lucky enough to hook into three Late carp Between 5:12pm-5: 56pm all landed successfully!

Here are the pictures of Are outing the Jigging went from 10am-1pm and the carping went from 3pm-6pm

Total Jigging:
George 18 Bluegill, 1 Large Mouth, 2 Crappie
James 1 Carp

Total Carping:
George 3 Common Carp *
James 2 Common Carp

CARPING ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>

Temp: 62

Sky: Overcast / Rain

Wind: S 18 MPH

Water: Clear

Water Temp: 61

Water Vis: 2 Feet

Reel: pFlueger Trion 7ball Bearings

Rod: 10'6 Med/light Daiwia Fire Wolf

Line: 8lb Trilene XT

Hook: Size 6 Bronze Bait holder

Bait: Bimbo White Bread


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Very cool, I have never seen anyone catch a Mirror Carp. Nice work!
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