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PG Report: 11/24/06 ... The Mad Scientist

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No Pictures or Detail today, I grabbed the Wrong batteries so they were dead unfortunately..

And Those who Read and Are non believers for some reason... I'll Quickly make you into a believer the Next report

A day after Playing in my Annual Thanksgiving Tackle football Game, This year With Off duty Cops. My Brother and I decided to go Fishing Being Sore and All because I finally Had time. Arriving at our Hole Crushing all the Dry leaves on our shoes that had Fallen from the surrounding trees, We set up. First I threw in a Tube bait And Worked it Slow to Determine How Aggressive the Fish actually were. In doing so I hooked into a small 2lb Common Carp. Afterwards I Caught a Nice 2lb 4oz Large Mouth bass, Then After wards landing a 11 1/2 inch White bass. Then the Sun had been blocked from the Trees So The water in front of me Was Dark, Clear and Perfect for my Favorite and Most Affective way of fishing When These Conditions are present No matter the season. So as This doesn't take a Mad Scientist to Figure out I quickly Tied on a White Spinner Bait and Proceeded to Land Large Mouth, After Large Mouth. It was Great to get back out on the Water today. As busy As I've been, It's a Great feeling especially when You know you made the right decision to produce more quality fish. All I have left to do now Is Sit and Let my Body Recover from a Hard Hitting Thanksgiving game.

I hope all Had a Very Good Thanksgiving and Made Sure You Gave thanks To all The Things Your Grateful for

Total Catch:

James: 0

George: 6 Large Mouth, 1 White Bass, 1 Carp

*Season Tally*

Season Skunks: 2

Season Fish: 898

Season Outings: 71

The Mad Scientist
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Thanks for the report on what sounds like a great outing, Perch guy! 8)
You certainly know your craft, George. Nice job.
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