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This Morning on Christmas Eve, I decided to hit The local Spot for About 2 Hours. The Plan was to wade and catch a Few Large Mouth since the River was up high and Current was Flowing fast, Alot more underwater current then what I saw On the Surface. I tried this For about an Hour and Since nothing was working out I decided to Hit The bridge and Target Panfish. Here i was Hoping for aytleast a crappie But even that didn't happen So i stuck Strictly to Green Sunfish, Pumpkin seed, and Bluegill. I managed 28 Bluegill on a Trout Magnet in Orange.

Best i can do With just artificials.


Temperature: 43

Sky: Partly Cloudy

wind Range: Light 0-10MPH

Wind Direction: South

Weather trends: Stable

Barometer: Lowering

Water temp: 35

Water Color: Clear

Water Visibility: 4 Feet

Current Conditions: Fast

Bottom Conditions: Debree

* Georges Out Come*


Lost: 0

Released: 28

Fish Health: healthy


Bait/Lure Presentation: Slow

Rod Used: Berkley Lightining series 6'0

Reel used: Rapala Size 20

Line used: 4lb Trilene XL

Lure/Hook: 1/62 oz Jig head / Orange Trout Magnet

Bait used: --

Beverage: ---

Snack : ---

Repellant: ---

*Season Tally*

Season Skunks: 2

Season Fish: 926

Season Outings: 72

*Upcoming Reports:

Chicago River Large Mouth In January
Lake Michigan Yellow Perch
Fox River Walleye January/February
Chicago River Carp January/February


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Chicago Illinois

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Good job at least getting on some fish, George. Like I said in the Busse forum, I usually avoid fishing the NSC or Busse WWD in such high water conditions.

Nice job dude!

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I prefer Fishing the NSC in High Water Conditions.. I've Caught my Biggest fish When The water is at it's Highest. Probaly just personal Preferance. As For me.. It's A Wonderful thing !
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