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Today After school Went to My Beautiful Girlfriend's House.. We wen't to alittle hispanic food joint And I had myself a Steak Burrito ... Man did that hit the spot DELICIOUS ~~!!~~ Sara Had Two steak Tacos With just cheese... And I ate 3 Jalepeanos Really tasty :aaahungry:

After wards we took the bus to my house.. Grabbed the Fishing Rods and hit the River My third cast I hooked into a small Large Mouth Bass .. Neil Called Asked where I was Told him and he was fishing beside me 15 minutes later... He caught two while I was there but When I left He Stayed alittle longer I think He'll update you on his catch. I was jigging Tubes once again this time switched to a light green color because the water was slightly clearer and the sun was shining.

I fished from 4:00p.m. to 5:30p.m. Here's what we managed today...
Here's My Bass of the Day

Here's one of Neil's 2 Bass While I was there

And Here's My beautiful girlfriend Sara with her 32" ....





Sara with about a 32" peice of Sea Weed ( Personal Record :aaathumbsup: )

This is what was in todays chicago tribune.. It didn't display my name or anyhting but just had my picture.. Feels good none the less.

Total Catch:

Sara: 32" weed
Neil: 2 Large Mouth Bass
George: 5 Large Mouth Bass


Wind: N 8 mph

Sky: Mostly Sunny

Water: Slightly stained

Water Temp: 61

Water Visibility: 1 1/2 ft.

Rod: Ugly stick Med/heavy 6'0

Reel: pFlueger Trion 5 ball Bearring

Line: 10 lb Trilene Sensation ( Clear)

Lure: Light green tube

Perch Guy
Chicago Il.

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