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Went by Dick's Then by the River with Neil today :aaathumbsup: thanks for the ride buddy :aaasunsmile: We hit the river with plans of pounding the bass before the storm moved in... Neil caught 2 Bass and foul hooked a Bluegill And I caught 8 Large mouth and one Rock bass :aaathumbsup:

Here's neil with one of his 2 Large Mouth

Here's me with my biggest largemouth outof my 8

Here's my Rock bass

Total Catch:
Neil: 2 Large Mouth, 1 Foul Hooked gill
George: 8 Large Mouth, 1 Rock Bass

Temp: 58

Sky: Overcast/Rainy

Wind: WNW 6 MPH

Water: Slightly stained/Dark

Water visibility: 1 ft.

Water temp: 62

Lure: Tube

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Chicago Il.
Multi-Species Fisherman - <((><

:D :idea:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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