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Today Arrived about 7:30a.m. And Fished untill 10:00a.m. Neil fished with me breifly for about 20 minutes before he went to another spot on the river. He caught a nicecommoncarp on a tube jig while there with me.I endedthe day with 3 crappie,2 largemouth, 1 carp, and 22 brother James ended the day with 3 crappie,1 bass,1 channel cat,25 bluegill.

Heres pictures

Sky: Mostly Sunny

Water: clear

Water Vis: 2-3 Ft.

Water level: LOW

Rod: berkley equalizer 6'0 med/lite

reel: rapala size 20

line: 4lb trilene xt

lure:tube jigs

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Catfish was estimated around 3-4 lbs...

he missed another right after that was a lot bigger.

Few days back a few Gentleman fishing with cans caught a 8lb 3 oz Channle catfish i weighed it with a 50lb Berkley electric scale.


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