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PG Report: 5/26/06 .... Perchies

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After School I talked Sara into an outing At montrose For Some Yummy Perch !! After Driving through surprisinlgy no traffic. We set up at about 6:15 p.m. And Fished to about 8:20p.m. I ended up nailing Perch I caught 22 in total Only problem was... Out of the 22 I pulled out Only 9 of mine were keepers. Sara Ended up hauling in 6 Yellow Perch 1 Being a keeper. All fish kept were 9 inches and above. Upon my Arrival I was greeted by Joker... nice to meet ya :aaathumbsup: He had one Beautiful JUMBO, You'll see in his report :aaaapplaus:

I decided to drag the cooler out.. And Every Fish We Ended up keeping Was thrown on ice Right away... MMM ... MMMM :aaahungry: They'll be tasty ! :aaahungry:

Here's Pictures of The outing.. The Scenery picture Was taken by Sara, Nice Picture Baby :aaathumbsup:

Total Catch:
Sara 6 yellow perch
George 22 yellow Perch

Keepers 9 Inches or above:
10 Keepers

Out of The nine I cleaned tonight Seven Had gobies in there Stomach :aaaapplaus:

Temp: 67

Wind: E 7 mph

Sky: Mostly Cloudy

Rod: Berkly Ligthing series

Reel: pFlueger Trion

Lure: Drop Shot Small Fat Heads

Technique: Slowly Brought it in.. My Bigger Fish Came when The Presentation layed completely still, Only Caught 1 Gobie.

Perch guy
Chicago il.

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Hey... great job, George. And those are some nice pics as well.
nice report i'm gonna miss that spot!
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