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PG Report: 5/27/06 ..... Lovely (P.M.)

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Today arrived about 2:30p.m. we Fished untill 5:30p.m. We started off Fishing the Same spot We've been hitting the last two days but the locals weren't hitting much just an occasional jumbo, So I made the move to try to find some fish. I set up on a new spot deeper water and Nailed some Perch right away Dinks.. But did Nail some perch... Afterwards I started hitting Jumbos.. And as Quickly as possible Threw them into the cooler.. Being as Sneaky as possible no one seemed to have an idea I was Nailing a few Jumbos right in a small crowd of very slow Fishing. Joker Once again was up there and Managed to pull in one Jumbo :aaasunsmile: about the time he left I only Managed one more jumbo before we decided to leave ( Small Fat heads were out). But I had a GREAT Time out with my Beautiful girlfriend Sara and my Buddy Neil.

Here's Pictures of the Outing

Total Fish:
Sara 8 Yellow Perch
Neil 10 yellow Perch
George 24 Yellow Perch

11 total Keepers...

Neil Pulled in 2 Keepers, Sara pulled in 1 Keeper.. I pulled in 8 Only Kept Five gave neil The rest.

All Fish Kept were 9" or above.. Accept two We Kept because Hook was lodged in throat and better to not waste the obvious soon to be Dead ones.

Biggest Fish of The outing was my 13 1/2 " .. Beauty !

Temp: 82

Sky: Mostly sunny

Wind: S 13 mph

Rod: Ugly Stick Light 6'0 Med/Heavy

Reel: pFlueger Trion 5 Ball B.

hook: Size 6 Bronze Bait holder

Rig: Drop Shot

Line: 10 lb Trilene Sensation

Technique: I'd Throw 20' out from shore.. And SLowly Drag along bottom leave for about 2 Min. then Repeat. Most Fish hit While Presenation was sinking.

Bait: Small Fat Heads


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Them are some dandy fish. 13.5"!!! Nice!
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