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PG Report: 5/29/06 ... BURNED

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PG Report: 5/29/06 ... BURNED

This morning I hit the lake once again with my buddy Neil... I caught 21 Yellow Perch, 8 on plastics.... But only had three Keepers. This Outing I wasn't Drop Shotting but Using a jig Head with a small fat head... to say the outing was a waste is Crazy.. I was messing around with the Jig Head.. Think I found Something that may be very productive.. I met A Very, Very Good Angler in Ron today. And Also Didn't Leave empty handed brought home 3 Jumbos to add to the Collection. Ron was Doing well by The Pee tower as he mentioned in his report, That's Were i nailed 8 on a very slow Day a few days ago. It's a little deeper near the shore around the area.. With a small ditch drop off were the perch like to hang :aaathumbsup: Neil Pounded the Gobies Today they didn't stand a chance !! Goby Master Neil unfortunately caught no jumbos on this outing.. But Will get them Next time. Through Tues-fri. I plan on being out at least twice :aaasunsmile: Thinking a Wed. And a Friday Evening.. We'll see.

Here's a Picture of my Keepers For the Day

Total Catch :
Neil : 11 Yellow Perch
George : 21 Yellow Perch

Keepers 9" or above:
George three Keepers Ranging from 9"-11 1/2"

Temp: 81

Sky: Mostly Sunny

Wind: S 10 MPH

Rod: Berkley Lighting Series

Reel: Rapala Size 20

Line: 6 lb Trilene XT ( Green)

Presentation: Jig Head With Small Fat head

Chicago Il.
Perch Guy

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