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PG REPORT: 5/6/06 .... Crawbug

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Got out at 12:30 p.m today at the river... threw everything Spinners, plastics, Cranks, Jerk baits.... Caught a total of 5 Large mouth bass... I worked them hard today but the fishing seemed really tough. It seemed as the fish just weren't there today.. with a lot of moving around and a lot of pressure on the back and wrist ... Managed to pull in 5 largies.. but Only Two of at least the 12 inch. qualifying size. the baits that did end up producing well were the YUM Crawbug 3.25" grn Pumpk/Texas Red And a Strike King 3/8oz. White shad pattern Willow Leaf Spinner bait. I threw everything at them today but guess I came up alittle short... Because the two Qaulifying Bass i needed to be 12" or above for exactly 12" ... Just happyI pulled ina Qualifying bass. Looking forward to the next one.

My two Qualifying Large mouth.. both same length...

Date messed up on camera again but Displayed on todays paper...

Total Fish:

George 5 Large mouth bass

Temp: 55

Water Temp: 62

water: milky/murky

Water Vis: 1/2 ft.

Sky: Mostly sunny

Wind: ESE 9 mph

Rod: Berkley 6'0 Med/light

Line: 6lb trilene XT ( GREEN)

Reel: Rapala Size 20

Lure: YUM crawbug

Perch guy
chicago Illinois

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Good job, George! You might have wanted to do better, but I'm still impressed :)
Are you letting these fish go or are you keeping them ? If you are letting them go then you are doing a bad job of fish handling. Letting the lay on the ground and then on a newspaper while you take pictures is not doing the fish any good. These are some real nice fish and it would be a shame to have them die after being released.
I assure you [email protected] All fish were released un harmed...
All the Releases were a success And the fish will live !!

Thanks For your Concern ....

Perch guy
George, even if the fish swam away the stress factor from being out of the water for enough time to measure and photograph could very easily cause them to die later. Also the removing of their slime got by being handled and layed on newspaper can and will cause them to develope skin disease. You need to do some reading on the correct way to treat fish you are going to relaese.[/b]
Ok... I agree that the fish could have been handled better but George is a very promising up and coming angler who will likely outfish most of us soon. And he's even called me out for mishandling a carp!

Lesson learned, and point taken. End of topic. Besides... the fish would have looked better next to a Sun-Times but would have jumped away because of Jay Mariotti. :D

Keep up the good fishing George - and let those bass thrive and survive.
I've read most of how to properly handle species I dont even fish for..

But The only way to succesfully Measure the fish for the Online tournament is that way...

Yes I understand it wasn't good at all for the Bass...

I took as much precaution I can...

And Being out of the water for barely a minute.. wont do much harm...

If your ever outon the water.. You'll See First more then anythign That I properly Handle fish correctly...

Everything was set up.. the fish was put down.. and picture was taken.. the one diaplayed with three pictures.. was out alittle longer...

but with no timed fight.. and most precaution i can take.. Thefish will Thrive...

My motto.. has never changed...

" lets not just put them back alive, Lets make sure they survive"

Tight lines...

And Thanks for the concern jj.... Really apreciate it...

looking forward to your reports..

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Perch guy said:
Measure the fish for the Online tournament is that way...
???? :shock: Had no idea there was such a thing. Tell me more!
Well.... An angler on another site created it and the idea...

He puts a tournament up.. with rules regualtions etc.

Anglers may fish any body of wqater from 5am-5pm... inthe picture fish must be displayed as how my fish is measured above...

Everyone puts in $5 and we'll hold them to thier word.. so when the winners are determined... They'll ship the money out via money order or personal check out tot hem.

But I'd like to do....

Sunrise to sunset... So no one gets additional fishing time..

Camera date and time if u have it must be diplayed...

must be taken on the tape measurer....

by a slip of paper sent out to be printed out the night before or a newspaper


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