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PG Report: 5/8/06 ..... BUMMED

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well after school the girlfriend and I decided to head out to the Chicago River to do alittle bass fishing... We headed out about 3:45 P.M. and First put are line in the water at 4:00p.m. We fished untill 5:25p.m. not a long period of time.. but none the less I was looking for a bass. Second cast with a size 7 Shad Rap gray shad pattern and hooked into a nice small fighter.. but when i got it in... turned out to be a foul hooked 7 inch blue gill. So released him.. Then a few cast later.. hooked into another fish.. this was a fighter at least a 2lb large mouth... Or so i thought.... had a 13 inch common sucker hooked in the tail.... Sheeze.. what do I have to do to get into a bass around here.... then Sara yells out "George.. I look over to see her holding a bass's head out of the water... so Run over there pull it up.. congratulate her... flash a pic... gave her a kiss... and back focusing on me getting that first one in... I switch to a 3.25" YUM crawbug... Then I hook into a nice one once again.... this one gots shoulders on it... whew... After getting this nice fish in and holding all 15 inches of him over the water... just had to get the hook out of it's tail before i released yet another common sucker....

As i believe a Foul hooked fish is worth as much as a $1 bill in superior sports ( you chicago guys know what i'm talking about ) ...

Well I dont count them ortake a picture of them....

So Total Fish caught...

George 0 fish caught
Sara 1 Large mouth bass

Nice job baby !!

had a problem with the photo programing so this replaced and old pic.. so the picture is in my last report also..

I Fished off of a sloping point slowly droping into 6 ft of water with moderate weed growth.... I fish submerged brush and trees.... And fished a ditch.... Hole in the river drops down an extra 2 ft.

i'll get them next time.... first skunk of the year...

Sky: overcast

temp: 72

Wind: S 12 mph

water temp: 62

Water: clear

Water vis.: 1 1/2 ft.

Sara's tackle

rod: Berkley Lightning stick 6'0 med/lite

reel: Rapala Size 20

Line: 6lb trilene Xt ( green )

Lure: Crappie jig blck/pnk

George's Tackle

Rod: ugly Stick light 6'0 med/heavy

Reel: pFlueger Trion 5 ball bearrings

Line: 10lb Trilene Sensation ( clear)

Lure: Rapala Size 7 Shad rap Gryshad pattern

Avg. Depth Fished: 4 ft

Perch guy
Chicago Il.

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Thanks for the report, George. Don't sweat the skunk at all. I know you'll be catching those bass left and right next time out :)
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