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PG Report: 7/25/06 ... Whiney

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PG Report: 7/25/06 ... Whiney

This is why I stress to many anglers I come in contact daily not to over look a spot. Many spots are overlooked because they don't look like the typical fish holding habitat above water. But you never know what's beneath the surface. My Beautiful Girlfriend Sara and I got out today after my Football Practice and since I was able to use the car We Targeted three different locations where I pulled one out of each although nothing of size. Sara and I moved into a very shallow 1-2' flat filed with tons of submerged structure such as trees, brush, and rocks. Once we arrived in are desired spot we switched to light wire jig heads predicting we'd be able to bend are way out of the snags. Turns out we were very successful not losing one lure to the drink. After about 20 minutes of hitting this spot I decided I wanted to move so while waiting for Sara to get Ready I asked " are you ready to move? " She responds " I want to catch one fish out of this spot before we leave and it's going to be a big gin " I responded " ok baby, go for it". She made a cast and when she reeled it in I asked her " are you ready to move" she responded " No baby I just got a nice hit !" I responded " ok babe then a few more cast" Next cast and sure enough she wasn't lying she pulled a nice large mouth out of thick brush with 8lb trilene XT. Wonderful Job BABY! Nice fish and Great Picture, now For you whiney anglers that are scared to lose a few lures I say your in the wrong hobby it'll happen. Take chances and risk out on the water (I mean with your lures only of coarse) and it will pay off, and most of all NO SPOT SHOULD BE OVER LOOKED!

Total Catch:
Sara 1 Large Mouth Bass
George 3 Large Mouth Bass

Temperature: 90

Sky: Partly Cloudy

Wind: South West 12 MPH

Water: Slightly Stained

Visibility: 2 feet

Water Level: Medium

Water Temp: 71-75

Rod: Ugly Stick Light 6'0 Medium/Light

Reel: pFlueger Trion 5 ball bearing

Line: Trilene Sensation 10lb (Clear)

Jig head: 1/4 oz

Lure: Green Tube 4 "

Technique: Fish seemed to be holding very tight to the bottom near some type of structure, Letting the lure drag or bump and fall from structure triggered all strikes.

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Chicago Illinois
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Nice Report! You are right about that, sometimes while fishing I will be fishing a spot and be looking at another, then moving there without giving the spot I was just at a chance. I think that it is the "grass is always greener mentality" that we sometimes have.
MrB said:
I think that it is the "grass is always greener mentality" that we sometimes have.
Ditto. I definitely fall prey to that mistake myself now and then.
Those are nice looking bass, George :)
I've caught some of my biggest fish in spots others won't even try.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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