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PG Report: 7/26/06 ... Disappointment

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PG Report: 7/26/06 ... Disappointment

This was and might as well be the biggest disappointment of my 13-year fishing career. I've had skunks we've all had them, But I've been lucky enough to average about two a year the last 5 years. This year I have one from a very tough Bass fishing day in late spring. But today was just bad, My Girlfriend Sara had told me the night before she wanted to fish for carp this afternoon. So I set up everything last night and prepared a nice outing, expecting a few fish. I had a Subway sandwich and Vitamin water for the each of us after we ate it at our spot we started fishing. I planned on catching one (in which I did) Then I'd let Sara take it from there, took awhile until I did a very bad hook set and missed a fish, The Sara Caught one and it was pretty much it. I was very disappointed in all the work I put into this spot the last two years which has given up over 25 20lbers and over 80 12-15lbers. The fish were there and feeding I just wasn't able to get the hook into them. They were decent fish I could feel the bite differential holding the line with my finger. But today was bad, Worse then a skunk in my mind. But we did manage fish and I want to say Great job baby on hanging in there and pulling in a carp. I tried really hard to put you on a biggin you know I did. Your Patience will pay off and the next outing for carp I promise you a Common carp over 10lbs. Great job Today baby!

Temp: 84

Wind: SE 9 MPH

Sky: Partly Cloudy

Rod: Daiwaii Fire Wolf 10'6 Lite

Reel: pFlueger Trion 5 ball bearings

Line: 8lb Trielne XT

Hook: Bronze Bait Holder Size 6

Bait: Special Preparation corn/Bread and Dough ball

Water: Slightly Stained

Visibility: 2 1/2 Feet

Temp: 71-75

Season Hooking Percentage:

98.8 %

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Chicago Illinois
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"You're going to lose fish that's why they call it fishing...not catching."

Don't get down on yourself because you couldn't "hit the homerun" when your girl was there with you!

lol...j/k bro.
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