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PG Report: 8/17/06 .... GEM

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PG Report: 8/17/06 .... GEM

This Evening Like most Evenings Neil and I set out For Some Large Mouth Bass action. We Hit the Discharge Around 7:15p.m. only to Nail three Together Neil Caught two And I caught one on my first cast. So Since only three we decided to fish My Favorite Local spot about 5 Minutes away From my house We set out to my "GEM" Spot as Usually on Overcast/Rainy days The large Mouth Get Stacked up here. There's no Discharge just a Shallow Flat 2-3 feet with a lot of Submerged Brush and Trees with a vast amount of bait Fish including Gizzard shad, Golden Shiners, And Tons of Minnows. Usually this spot Produces very nice Crappie but Mostly in the fall and spring. After a Self Struggle Through all the brush and Thorns just getting to the spot. I started tossing out a Personal Bait of Choice for the Chicago River Catching a Bass on every two to three cast. It was Great Catching bass at night Neil unfortunately had no success at this spot but will next time !!

Tomorrow we are trying are luck else were.... Look for the Report !


Temperature: 82

Sky: Overcast/Drizzle

Wind Range: Moderate (10-20mph)

Wind Direction: South

Weather Trends: Stable

Barometer: Dropping

Water temp: 75

Water Color: Brimey green

Water Visibility: 1 feet

Current Conditions: Still

Bottom Conditions: Mud/Submerged Brush

* Georges Out Come*

Caught: 7

Lost: 0

Released: 7

*Neil's outcome*

Caught: 2


Released: 2

Fish Health: Normal


Bait/Lure Presentation: Fast

Rod Used: Ugly Stick Lite 6'0 Med/Heavy

Reel used: pFlueger Trion 7 ball bearings

Line used: 10lb Trilene XT

Lure/Hook: Plastics/Special

Bait used: ----

Beverage: Powerade Fruit punch

Snack: -----

Repellant: OFF Deep woods sports man

*Season Tally*

Season Skunks: 2

Season Fish: 695

Season Outings: 51


N.W. Chicago Illinois

[email protected]

Multi-Species Fisherman
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Awesome.. Try catching one

Thanks for the report George. You sure know how to fish that river!
I have to disagree with Axeiom

The bass at The Glen are freaking anorexic, skinny, pale, and really unhealthy. I pulled an 18" bass this summer out of there and I'd be surprised if it passed 2 lbs. (Not that I'm hating on The Glen, I fish there all the time -- just hope the fishery gets better over there)

It seems like Perch Guy pulls out lots of fish, both small and big. You see the ones from this post -- ... .php?t=736

Some real nice fish... I gotta get out there. Keep the reports comin Perch guy!
Yeah, I don't think that the bass at the Glen are any fatter. I only have caught one fat bass there and that was at the end of last year. Otherwise they are all pretty skinny.
Relax guys,these boards r suppose to be fun.
Culprit said:
Relax guys,these boards r suppose to be fun.
Ditto. By the way, George, that third one from the bottom is a real dandy. Good job.
Hey Jason maybe you should find a way to filter out profanity and random junk we see on the board. I can see WCF getting out of hand if the site keeps growing at this rate.
Ok ok ok, sorry about the last post guys. You guys didnt need to read that. It was meant for pokerguy. I'll remember to use PM instead.
pokerguy and axeiom, i had to delete your posts. having your own opinions are what this site is all about but there will be no flame wars here. we want this site to be a clean and supportive site for anglers who share the love of our sport. you guys are still very welcome at WCF and look forward to your participation.

"can't we all just get along" :mrgreen:
Thats the reason I come here instead of say They have good forums, but a lot of flame wars and trolls. BTW, I like the reports perch guy.
Thanks for taking care of that while I was in transit to LA, Augy.

Folks... let me make something EXTREMELY clear - i'm not letting ANYONE start any kind of shit with other users of this site. I don't care if Babe Winkelman himself joins WCF and starts something - i'll ban him.

NO smart-ass remarks to anyone.

No profanity towards anyone.

No racist remarks to anyone.

And if one damned flame war starts up, i'm suspending those users for a week and they can then enjoy the wonderful folks at the other Chicagoland fishing sites.

In the past year (since WCF got message boards), i've made some terrific new friends, shared some awesome fishing experiences, and have had a blast having you all aboard for the fun. But i'm not going to let some punk-ass shit ruin these boards! Ok?

Peace and love - Jason W. Norris, Owner of
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ya i agree jason, its like a fishing family :lol: i love this site i prolly look at it 4 or 5 times day
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