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PG Report: 8/9/06 ..... Constant

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PG Report: 8/9/06 ..... Constant

This morning Neil and I Tried for Some Large Mouth Bass As I was looking to Scratch that Itch. But Fishing Was Really Tuff. We fished awhile Not landing anything Neil hooking Two missing them both then catching two But unable to hold them up to take a picture because they kept flopping away. I Caught a nice Crappie And A White Perch i believe You guys are calling them. Fishing wasn't Fantastic but ok. After we Left We Planned to get back out once I was done Re-painting and cleaning out my room. But this Next time out Will Be For catfish.

Check it Out !! (Meow Day II)


Temperature: 81

Sky: Mostly Cloudy

Wind Range: Light (0-10mph)

Wind Direction: Various

Weather Trends: Stable

Barometer: Rising

Water temp: 76

Water Color: Clear

Water Visibility: --

Current Conditions: Moderate

Bottom Conditions: Rock

* Georges Out Come*

Caught: 3

Lost: 0

Released: 3

*Neil's outcome*

Caught: 2

Lost: 2

Released: 2

Fish Health: Healthy


Bait/Lure Presentation: slow

Rod Used: Ugly Stick Lite 6'0 Med/lite

Reel used: pFlueger Trion 7 ball bearings

Line used: 10lb Trilene Sensation

Lure/Hook: Soft Plastics

Bait used: --

*Season Tally*

Season Skunks: 1

Season Fish: 629

Season Outings: 42

Avg. Fish per Outing: 14.8


N.W. Chicago Illinois

[email protected]

Avid Multi-Species Fisherman


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the area you fished looks like the NSC, around the Oakton/McCormick area.

Am i right?
Looks like you hit the plant discharge area. Nice fish!

I'm hitting 23 New Chicago River Spots ( Most not known ) to Show That You can Catch a Variety Of Differant Species any time of the Day, Month, And Year. I got A Decent Catfish Yesturday on Cutbait 6lbs Not great length to it but very stocky and Fat. Weighed on a Berkley 50lb Digital Scale. And to top it all off.... It was a Great night.

Although I really Want to get out today...

Its Sara And My Anniversary.... So I will be out Friday


Well happy anniversary to George and Sara.

By the way... check out the main page of the site...
Nice fish, George, especially that crappie :) And congrats on the anniversary.
Congrats guys!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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