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PG Report: 9/26/06 .... Process

My Brother James and I set out For a little Large Mouth Bass Fishing at 10:15a.m. And Fished until 11:55a.m. The Fishing wasn't Slow I hooked up on my second cast using a black soft plastic. But then it slowed for me, as the sun was making it's way to our right and the shallows started getting clearer I switched to a Brown Plastic Nailing them Quicker !! James was Throwing a Bait in Which imitates a tiny minnow to match the forage swimming near us, then switched to a black plastic. We were fishing a sloping point slowly dropping into 3-4 feet of water most fish were caught in 3 feet of water near slight weed growth. the fish were pretty aggressive really pounding the lure ! It was a great although short get together. Hopefully I'll be able to give you guys a wonderful Report this weekend out of a location I'm not positive on yet.

Here's Pictures of Our outing


Temperature: 69

Sky: Mostly Sunny

Wind Range: Light (0-10mph)

Wind Direction: South West

Weather Trends: Stable

Barometer: Dropping

Water temp: 65

Water Color: Brimey green

Water Visibility: 2 feet

Current Conditions: Slow

Bottom Conditions: Mud

* Georges Out Come*

Caught: 6

Lost: 0

Released: 6

Fish Health: healthy

*James Outcome*

Caught: 3

Lost: 0

Released: 3


Bait/Lure Presentation: Slow

Rod Used: Berkley Lightning stick 6'0 med/lite

Reel used: Rapala Size 20

Line used: 8lb Trilene XT

Lure/Hook: Earth Toned Soft Plastics

Bait used: ----

Beverage: ---

Flasher- ---


Repellant: ---

*Season Tally*

Season Skunks: 2

Season Fish: 767

Season Outings: 59


N.W. Chicago Illinois

[email protected]

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Larger Baits for larger fish isn't necessarily true. this was during September around the start of the fall thermolcline the bigger fish weren't schooled up but just aggressively feeding on the move scattered chasing all the bait fish that tend to school up in deeper water around vegetation the only way for me to catch bigger fish here was to throw a deep diving crank in a black/gray or shad pattern in deeper water. i use small lures to nail slobs all the time, you can use crappie size lures and catch big bass consistently as long as you make it an easy meal !

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