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PG Report: 9/30/06 .... Crunch Time

Good Evening Fishing Fans ! First Off I'd Really Like to Thank you For Your Continuous Views and Replies on my reports. Those reply's are what motivate me to Keep Reporting. With Plans of hitting the Chain Today Neil called and Said it was Pushed to Sunday because of "Bad Weather" So I wont be able to go tomorrow. But Instead This morning I decided to hit the River. Since Tomorrow will Be October 1, I planned on hitting my Late Fall-All Winter open water Holes. And they proved to be very successful I hit Two bridges Catching a Total of 33 Fish. 3 Crappie, 3 Large Mouth Bass, And 24 Bluegill and Green Sunfish (Mixed). The First bridge I fished I caught the Nice Crappie and Large Mouth bass (Only 5 Minutes away from the House) The Second bridge, is my Pan fish Hole. Both Bridges Are about 3 Feet Deep next to the wall With Moderate Structure, Mostly Fallen Timber. The Bridge That REALLY Produces in the Winter and Caught the Nice Crappie and Large Mouth QUICKLY Drops into 6 Feet of Water, With Tons Of Timber of the Drop off.

Here's Few Pictures of My Day ( Fished 9-11a.m.)

First Fish Caught... Black Plastic

A Common sight by all Anglers, That Heavy Glare from the Sun...

Got Part of The Cray Fish Just as He Tried to swim off... We Had Some laughs .. CRAW BUG.. lol
(Inside Joke )

Then Hit under the Bridge... And Switched to a White Plastic

First Fish was a Decent Crappie That Hit HARD !

Then After pounding the Gills And Smaller Crappie.. I Decided to Set my Drag .. no apparent reason

Good Thing I did, Because This guy Made a Couple good Runs on my Light Outfit.

When I got home, Went to purchase a Few things.. I'm sure you know what these two will be used for...

finally Got to sit and talk to Sara, And Sophie about my outing. Sara enjoyed it... Sophie.. Not as Much

.. Maybe a Long day... For her to...


Temperature: 62

Sky: Mostly Partly Cloudy

Wind Range: Light (0-10mph)

Wind Direction: NORTH

Weather Trends: Stable

Barometer: Rising

Water temp: 65

Water Color: Brimey green

Water Visibility: 3 1/2 feet

Current Conditions: Slow

Bottom Conditions: Sheet Rock/Gravel

* Georges Out Come*

Caught: 33

Lost: 0

Released: 33

Fish Health: healthy


Bait/Lure Presentation: Slow

Rod Used: Berkley Lightning stick 6'0 med/lite

Reel used: Rapala Size 20

Line used: 6lb Trilene XT

Lure/Hook: White

Bait used: ----

Beverage: ---

Flasher- ---


Repellant: ---

*Season Tally*

Season Skunks: 2

Season Fish: 800

Season Outings: 60


N.W. Chicago Illinois

[email protected]

Multi-Species Fisherman

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Chicago illinois
Multi-Species Fisherman :arrow:
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