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Yes the boat is still afloat and I`m still alive :roll: Between the flooded basement, and the kids returning to school, the free time I`ve had between trips is minimal.
The past week and a half has been very trying on all the Captains I`ve spoken with. From Kewaunee to Waukegan it appears to be the same story, the fish are scattered. I`ve run a few trips with catches numbering in the teens, but 4-9 is more common. I ran a trip on Thursday and started in 50` taking it all the way out to 210` going 5/9. I only marked about a dozen fish all morning and no bait. There has been no pattern by any means to talk about. The water temps are constantly changing, and the fish are living up to their migratory habits by doing just that. Despite the catching not being as plentiful as it has in the last few years, I`ve heard some very interesting stories and had quite a few laughs with the groups out.(What happens on the boat stays on the boat)
Now to the "Brown Snout"...
We we`re trolling in 40` and I saw a very slight tap on the rod, similar to that of a Walleye. I checked my depth and the `rigger was 32` down. I popped the rod to see if I had picked up some weeds or debris and thought I had hooked a Laker, lots of resistance with no head shake. As the fish got closer I didn`t know what I had until it was in the net. You`ll know what I mean after looking at the pics below.

The fish was over 10 pounds and despite having it`s upper jaw grow inward it was still able to feed.

Before you ask... No I wasn`t trolling right in front on the Nuke plant :mrgreen: .

The fishing has been tough (compared to the past few years) on this side of the Lake and hopefully the strong blow today will draw the fish in.
Good luck it appears the weekend winds will cooperate, hopefully the fish will too.

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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