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Got out on the lake about 6am. Started off in a litte cove by the launch,
picked a little dink lm, 12", about 7.30, picked up a little 14"
muskie on a swim bait. About 8:30 the wind really started picking up,
quickly became 1-3's, pretty choppy for my little bass boat.
Had the retire to the shallow coves for protection. Started working the
cove pretty hard, was able to pick up four more dinks ranging from
10" to 12". Really didn't see anyone else getting any action. It sucked
that I wasn't able to hit any of the deeper structure. I think I could
have done better, maybe atleast a little bigger. Sorry, I didn't have
a camera to get pictures of my pathetic catches. They would have
paled in comparision to the nice fish posted on here anyway.At least
I didn't skunked, seeing as the fishing has been so hard lateley.

On a side note, the new Quantum Code, and All Star ASR rod were
awsum very light and sensitive, the thing casts a country mile.

Well thats all from GOD's country for now, hoping to get out on the
19th to meet some of you guys from the concrete jungle.
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