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Went out on Pierce late afternoon/evening both days. First day was intensly HOT and SUNNY!!!! But, got my first crappie, about 6". Unfortunately, he was foul hooked in the dorsal fin while trolling for muskie/northerns! :lol: So, not really a catch. Also got two LMB's, both small and unremarkable.

Second day was still hot, but overcast and on the edge of a front coming in. Not a thing. One bump on a black/white spoon trolling again.

See a bunch of nicer bass boats out there every time I go so maybe the muskie stocking thing has some merit to it, I just ain't finding em. Anybody know of a site that has more Pierce Lake postings?

Also fished the Kishwaukee in Belvidere and got my first smallie on a white bucktail. Literally a small smallie, about 3" :lol: In short, the week sucked big time. Hate to see summer coming on strong and hot :(
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