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Pierce Lake, Rock Cut State Park

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Going to be out there camping this weekend. Wondering if anyone has any fishing info on Pierce Lake?

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i've heard it it one of the top pike lakes in IL... but i've never actually been there so i can't tell you for sure
looked it up... no pike, but in the same category as shabbona for musky
been there several times. there is a 10hp limit. never caught anything and never saw anyone else catch anything. the west end is the better part with drop offs and structure, east end is shallow and weedy. i see a bunch of bass boats and better aluminum boats out there, so there must be something in there, but i haven't seen it. i seriously doubt it is in the same category as shabonna for musky, but maybe they've stocked it and have kept up on that. i am probably gonna be out there next week once or twice.

good luck.
been there once on a musky outing with guys from cta. Bear, from cta, was cool enough to take me musky fishing for the first time. i think we had about 8-10 boats. can't remember. but what i do remember is the entire lake is no wake. 10mph limit. it's a decent size lake so getting across from one end to the other takes some time.

there was 1 musky caught on a figure 8 that day but had raised several from many of the boats. our boat got the musky skunk.

what i can tell you that lake is filled with giant shad. they would school along the big musky baits.

i only threw bass baits occasionally so i really couldn't tell you how the bassin is. but i'd bet it's a decent bass lake.

good luck out there and be sure to report how the camping accomodations and arrangements are. i'm planning a camping trip for early fall with the family and considering pierce.
Hey Augy. The accommodations are decent. Clean. We stayed in the "White Oak" section. The sites are big and secluded, tucked into the woods. Lots of privacy. The "Plum Grove" and "Hickory Hills" sections are set up more like a KOA, packed in there pretty tight. Unless you reserve a site, its best to get up there early. We got there early in the afternoon on Friday and could pretty much take our pick. By 7:00 that night...Take what you can get. They were full by Saturday afternoon.

There are several rather large picnic areas around the lake that offer a lot of shoreline access. Didn't get to work much of it but will next time. We plan on going there again this season.

Hope this helps.
thanks for the info mike!! how was the fishing?????????
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