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pierce lake

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Got out on the lake early, 6:00, there were already 5 or 6 boats out.
Started by working the weed beds, nothing. Was working senkos, frogs,
buzz baits, cranks, just about everything in the box got tried.
Hit a couple of the coves, had a 26" muskie follow back, but no hook up.
Tried the deeper holes, the sunken island, the rip rap shore, still not a
thing. I guess the fishys had lock jaw today. I guess it didn't help that
there was close to thirty fishing boats out by 8:30. When you have ten
guys trying to fish the same spot it gets a heated when some one cuts you off. I guess I should have known better than to go out on a holiday
weekend, but I just got a new rod, and reel, and was ichin to try them
out. Well at least I got out and gave it a try. Hopefully better luck next time.!!!!!
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is pierce lake really this popular??? Didn't think it was
Pierce is usually not that busy. I have chaught some 4 @ 5#er's out of
there the last couple of times I was there. I have also been told that
there are some big muskies in there also. Do to events beyond my control, I still have not been able to hook any of those tooth wonders.
I don't know how popular peirce is, I just go there cause it is the closest
lake to the house that dosen't have a motor restriction on it.. Would love to have some of you guys come out and show me what I am doing wrong sometime.
Actually Pierce does have a motor restriction, 10hp and under. Or, if you have a larger motor it is no wake only. It's kind of funny to see me with a 5hp zoom by a guy in a decked out bass boat! :lol:

The dozen or so times I've been to Pierce it has always had at least a half dozen trailers in the lot, always, usually much more. And some real nice boats out there. But I've had bad results there. Haven't caught as many fish as times I've been on there. But I have also gone during the dog days of summer so...

It's a nice place to take a smaller boat that you can get around the whole lake, and don't have to deal with recreational boat traffic. I guess it has Muskie, but I'll be damned if I've ever had as much as a follow for Northern or Muskie there. Did catch a nice crappie there though.
Sorry, what I meant about the motor was that I can take my boat out

there at all. There are alot of lakes around that won't let a boat out with a

motor bigger than 10hp. It kinda sucks to have to putz around, but at

least I can get on the water.
Even though I've had terrible luck there, I really like the lake. It's nice and peaceful, calm, has some good structure. If I were even a halfway decent angler I would probably have better luck there. I only go there cause my inlaws are in Belvidere and when we stay out there its kinda nice to bring the boat and get out for a few hours. Just wish I had better fishing there.

rootpro6 said:
is pierce lake really this popular??? Didn't think it was
it's not that its popular, its just near Rockford and a lot of guys out there are much closer to Shabonna, Delevan, and a straight shot up 90 to WI, so they have boats they can actually use every weekend and fish and hunt a lot more than us city-slickers. So, not really 'popular' as much a easy and convenient.
I know guys that have never raised a fish out there, and one guy in particular who I believe caught 4 nice fish in one day out there this year. It can be a tough lake, which is probably why it flies a bit under the radar. After Shabbona and the Chain, its probably the next best ski lake in the area from I have seen it produce. Another lake on the list I would like to try. I think the no-wake restriction on the lake is pretty cool. Only downer I see is that if you camp there, it is no alcohol allowed.
FishinMatt said:
Only downer I see is that if you camp there, it is no alcohol allowed.
You can count me out then :lol:
We shuold have a tournament on pierce to really test everyones

angling skills. I know it's a little far for most everyone but I think

it could be fun. I would even voulenter to help run it. Some

I have never been there, but for a lake of 162 acres it has a huge variety of fish including smallmouth, walleye, and musky. That's pretty impressive. I guess the DNR stocks it annually with walleye, musky, smallmouth and channel catfish. One interesting item to note is that the lake was totally drained in 1970 due to a faulty release valve so the lake is essentially only 38 years old. Just a little fyi for everyone.

Anybody know what the boat rental price is up there?
Don't know about boat rental, but have a boat if anyone would like

to make the trip. Would be happy to take ya out sometime!!!!!!

I might go out on sunday, depends on weather.
Heading out to Pierce early sunday morning. I'll have an open spot

in the boat if anyone is interested.
Might be able to talk my son into going if that's ok, and will drag our boat along too. I haven't been to Pierce in a long while, and only shore fished before.

What time will you be there, or heading out? We could meet in DeKalb along the way- I'm only a block off 38, just a 1/2 mile West of Peace Rd.
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