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Pike at night

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Anyone ever catch one at night?
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Coyote with an afterdark fish on a LOUD buzzbait.

Another fish taken on a jig tipped with a large twister
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That is a beautiful thing guys.
wow i really need to step up on my pike fishing i only started last year on the des plaines and my biggest is only 19".....
I caught one while just pounding the walleyes on Lake Gogebic in the UP one night. The northern was 24" and took a minnow on a jig under a bobber.
Had this discussion on the boat with a buddy of mine one knight the other year, and we were discussing how we have never caught a pike after dark (except for in canada). Then later that night around 10pm, boom he catches a pike just as it was completely dark out. :lol:

aside from canada, I have seen very few pike hit at night, maybe 3 or 4 in my life, and most of those were on tipups in the ice season.
You won't get nearly as many bites at during the day but they're still active. Here's a little guy I caught a few years back on a spinnerbait after the sun went down.

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Yeah, since they are primarily sight feeders, you either really have to have something loud for them, or almost knock them in the head with a more subtle bait. We have also caught some on jigs w/ live bite while walleye fishing at night.

Here is Yami with one on a jig and leech
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Scroll back and look at the pics. In the nighttime shots, the scales, especially at the top of the back, light up like rows of little yellow lights. Looks pretty cool.
Defintly have caught 90% of Pike before dark , but on Delavan one never knows. Matt and i had a rare occurence as we were about to head into the resort onDelavan after a long day of fishing. At about 845 started thrwoing buzzbait one last time and we proceded to catch 3-4 pike with at least 7-8 misses from what i recall. These fish were just attacking the sound that was irratating them. Made for a fun end of the nite.
I have caught about a dozen or more pike at night. But have not had that chance lately. Most times are through the ice.

They will bite. Their night visibility is limited. But do feed at night by scent, and I think a lot is from the vibrations of the lures since their night time visibility is limited.
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