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Pike/big bass rod

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Im looking for a rod that is good for fishing for big pike when i go to Canada. But also is good for bass and using braid line for swim baits and frog throwin. Any sugggestions on heigh and what brand. I have a 7'0 Bionic Blade MH Fast Action. I dont like the power grip handle. I was thinkin of the All Star Big Boy Rods. I plan on having a Shimano Citica 200D spooled with 50lb powerpro on the rod.

Any tips would be great
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WrenchingnFishing said:
Fenwick is a great rod in medium/heavy matering on what model you want. But if you have the extra cash.. I would go with a Loomis. 70% of my rods are loomis, I am totally satisfied with them. But there are other routes of course. Just give more of a description of what lures may be thrown and finesse baits or crankin baits. We need more than a target and description. Hope to help ya out... but "We" need a little more info :wink:


Thanks Bud, hope to help ya soon... But if you want to go for pike and bass. I would go with a 7' M/H flipn carrot stik with a decent reel. The Revo is not too bad priced at all for the ratio and warranty. Let us know what you are exactly looking for. We can for sure help ya out!
basically something for throwing swimbaits, big lures, spoons (for Salmon), frogs (for bass in Slop). A Baitcasting Rod
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