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I'd post a poll but thought I'd save the time and just put this out there.
I just wondered how many people fish for pike and utilize braided line or leaders when fishing for Pike.
When I go out and focus on the pike/walleye I usually fish with a heavier line usually 8-10lb test and never use a lead. I can't say that I've caught a huge amount of pike and such but when I do I never use a leader. Whether it's casting artificials or just drifting a roach on a slip bobber, the times I do catch a fish I rarely lose them to being bit off.

This isn't some sort of self praise but I'm curious on other's approach. For example I know Jason focuses on Pike alot on the DPR in the northern suburbs and I wonder what he uses. I fish the DPR a fair amount and use the approach I've already mentioned.

Maybe it's my limitation of exposure to BIG Pike or just that I haven't evolved enough but I'm curious on what others use on a regular basis.

Thanks for any replies.
I'm thinking about this since April is upon us and the Pike should be picking up and I want to be armed and ready.

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