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Pistakee / Fox Lake / Lake Bluff 1-26

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Teamed up with Washusky,Enforcer, Dan, Cory, and John aka rootdoc. We first started out at Pistakee. Fished from 5:30am till 8am. Right off the bat we were marking fish in 13 to 17 FOW but I couldnt get a bite if my life depend on it let alone have them chase my jig. Dan was the only luck one with 1 crop. So we had a group huddle and decided to try our luck at Fox Lake. Fished Fox Lake from 8:30am till 11am with the same results. We must of drilled about 50 holes and marked maybe a hand full of fish. It was worst than Pistakee. It really sucked. We huddle up again and try to decided to wether call it a day or try another lake on the Chain. Well Cory decided to call it a day but the rest of us couldnt end the day like this. We were thinking of heading up to Marie but there was a derby and wanted to avoid the crowd so we decided to hit Lake Bluff. It was a long shot but it was worth the try. We got onto Lake Bluff around nooish and head out for deep water. The first set of holes we drilled we marked fish immedately and this time they were biting. We were catching perch, gills, crappies, and of course white bass :D. We had solid action until dark. Thanks again guys it was fun out there. Again had some great laughs out there :lol:. Hey Andy, do you every think about changing careers as a comedian beacuse you crack me up when you are busting Chuck's balls. :lol: :lol:

My first Crappie of 2008 13" :D

This what my pile looked like in the first hour

By the end of the day

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catch88 said:
nice catch. are all those fish from the same hole?

i will be heading up to the chain tomorrow morning. no one else wanted to go with me. :? i dont know why.
All in one whole.
Hey Washusky,

I didnt get a chance to count them as I was just too tired when I got home. It was along day on the chain. I just kept the crappies and gave the rest away to family and friends but I did count the crappies a total of 13.

Cant wait for next week also looking forward in teaming up again.
FishinMatt said:
Heck of a haul Legend. I don't think I have ever seen anyone put up reports of catching whites so consistently out there.
I would have to give all the credit to Washusky on Saturday for putting us on the fish.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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