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Me and Kodiak decided to go to Plainfield fishing resort for some morning fishing. We hit the lake at 10:30am and started fishing the island points. I was tossing a Snag Proff jig w/ a frog hook. This is a new line of jigs from Snag Proff that have two hooks like the frog. Kodiak was tossing a Banjo Minnow in pink and red. We came up to our first point and not even 2 cast into it, kodiak catches his first 2lb bass of the day. After casting for a while we moved up to another point. I was tossing the jig when Kodiak sets the hook on this 3lb bass. That bass was fighting like he was a 10lb, but we got him in. I switched over to a swim bait right before we ended up on a sunken island. I casted the swim bait about 3 times and on the fourth cast, kodiak sets the hook on another bass. This time it was a 3 1/2lb bass caught on the same Banjo minnow. By this time I am getting a little aggravated because I have not even felt a tap on the stuff I was tossing.

We moved to the other side of the lake and saw some spawners but no takers. We decided to go back to the island points and sunken island we had found. This time I was tossing a lipless crankbait and then switched over to a shakey worm but no takers. Kodiak switched over to a blue and clear Banjo Minnow and after his third or fourth cast, he sets the hook on a 4lb bass. Now I was ticked off so I kicked his A** off the boat. (Damm Banjo minnows).. J-K LOL....

Here are some pics. I was not able to attach more than three pics.
Kodiak #1.jpg

kodiak #2.jpg

kodiak #3.jpg


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