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Plum Grove Reservoir?

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is it any good? would i be allowed to take my little pond prowler out in it?
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hockey25 said:
is it any good? would i be allowed to take my little pond prowler out in it?
I used to take an inflatable raft out there when I was a kid. I just spoke to the parks and planning department and they said they allow unmotorized boats. So, if you are ok with paddling. Give it a try. Let me know how it goes. I have not fished there since I was a kid. You can also try Riemer resevior. It would be hard to get your prowler on that though.
I think the best way to fish this place is by boat. Not much action from shore fishing. They say there are supposed to be many species of fish there, but I haven't caught anything more than bluegill, bullhead, and tiny largemouth. :?
i have caught smallmouth! :D no joke .

and have seen walleyes come out. no joke .

Nice channel catfish lake...big largies if you can find em.... i could only really get the big ones on thru the ice.

wait this is the one at Harper right? In Palatine?

i will scan smallie pic one ever believes me about that one... they are in there!

cool im gona have to give it a try when i get a chance
here is smallie from plum grove res.

and average largie

jaypee :D
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