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Pond action, improved 5/23

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Went back to the pond for a few hours. Between my high maintenance kid and my high maintenance dog I am still not able to put in a full day of fishing, so a few hours here and there is all I can do for now. The pond is starting to wake up and it's about damn time. I started out with a senko, although I forgot my senko bag at home and was reduced to using the single watermelon red flake I had on. That produced a couple of fish in short order. As an aside - I switched from Gama finesse hooks to Mustad and that seems to have a improved my hookup ratio by quite a bit. I then tried a $3 Ali clone of some rat wakebait, probably BBZ 30, and it quickly produced a massive hit but the bass jumped and shook it off. I know, I should have changed the hooks right away. I switched to a different wake/glide bait, with good hook this time, and that one kept the fish pinned. I tried and failed to get any interest in flukes, paddletails, and chatterbaits. Draged a frog over the sparse, for now, pads and got nothing. Nothing on the bottom lures. Still, I ended the day with 5 of which only one was a dink.


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