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Pond Hopping 04/01

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Ben, John, and I did a little scouting around my new place this morning. Man, was it cold. 40's with a stiff breeze made for some cold hands. The first pond only gave up for little gills for myself on waxies. We moved to another pond, but the motivation really was not there. After 15 minutes of nothing we hopped to another smaller pond that would get us out of the wind. I got a bluegill right away and then we all got into a few of these little guys.

Before we left I also got a scrappy lil bass
I then went solo back to the first pond and got another small gill and a small bass. Fun morning, but BRRRRRRR. My hands are still thawing out ;)
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your a fishing maniac matt. you froze your ass off and then went back for seconds.

this picture looks like there was some sort of apparition next to your bud. sorta creepy. or it could be casper the friendly ghost.
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