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Pond Report 4-14-09

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Hit the pond for a few today, a little chilly but the bass were still biting. Caught three total, all on cranks.

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Glad they bit for you. Thanks for the report.
I know that pond. The sculpture and the wall gave it away. I was actually there today. I've been fishing there for the last few weeks. I haven't done that good. Nice job.
Nice fish Rich. Was the last one missing an eye or is it just the angle of the pic?
Nice Bassn' Rich!
Good job Rich. Glad to see that they are finally turning on there!
Nice job Rich! Those are all nice sized bass.
Great fish Rich! It is truly good to see things heating up.
Man that last one is the biggest bass I've seen from that pond.
good job atleast some one can catch 3 bass
Nice fish Rich, the pond should be heating up soon...
nice outing rich.
Good job Rich :D
Nice fish! Hope to get out this weekend with warmer temps.
Nice bass Rich. :mrgreen: I got to get out more and fish the smaller ponds until some good weather comes around but the rest of the week is supposed to look pretty nice
Thanks guys. Matt the eye was just very cloudy not missing, but it was weird looking. Even with that bad eye he hit hard, the other two just barely tapped the lure.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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