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Met up with #1cubsfan at 7am at the pond and fished til 9am. Tony started at 6am and landed total 5 bass with one nice 3lber. I ended up with 3 all around 12-13".

We pretty much covered the entire shoreline. Tony worked a black lizard and i tossed a black/purple gonzo grub.

We decided to hit the Glen to wrap things up. I got a nice 17-18" bass by the south rocks and picked up another 12 incher earlier. not sure if tony got on anything but he almost caught a ginormous bull frog. :lol:

btw, the carp are having a massive orgy along some of the flats in water 6 inches deep. tony spent about 15 minutes trying to snag some but to no avail. :lol:

cold and overcast with mild winds at 5mph.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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