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My last day of High School was yesterday so decided to start the summer off right.
Got to the pond around 630. There was slop so i threw some frogs. I ended up gettin 4 on a Powerbait Batwig frog. Biggest was 17inches 3lbs maybe. Frog bite stopped at 730 so i used a KVD perfect plastic rodent, within 10 minutes i had caught 5 more bass, biggest was 17 inches. Bite then completley died at 830.

Day totals 9
Hot Lure- KVD Rodent Texas Rigged, Powerbait Batwig Frog.

got to the pond at 8AM. I got 8 this morning. 4 on frogs, 2 on buzzbaits, 1 on manns waker, and 1 on a KVD rodent texas rigged. Biggest was a big ol female i caught on the wake bait, what a great explosion. She was about 18inches and weighed 4lbs. So i ended up catching 8 this morning.
Day totals-8
Hot lures- Powerbait Batwig Frog

Water was very warm, saw a bunch close to shore guarding the nest, it was tempting but i do not like fishing for bedding/spawing fish or sight fishing this time of year
I did get a few pics but my phone was out of batteries this morning.


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If your going to be respectful and not fish after the same fish repeatedly on a bed, or take them home. But you handle with care i suggest sight fishing if it's a personal pond that u mainly fish. You'll Learn TONS On fish behavior.. And tons more on how fish actually relate to different presentations.

But then again it is a da burbs... So how smart can they actually be :shock: :shock:

I've seen some dumb...dumb fish outa the city...

I'm talkin Hook up a twinkie top water style dumb :shock:

i'd like to see that 4lber though :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

8 Fish is a nice outing, but normally we display the catch of the day :mrgreen:

you know the big gurl of the outing..

so where is she...??? 8) 8)

Keep the great reports comin !

- Geo


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Nice job Nut! I remember when I used to fish that pond that a common thought was "you can only catch fish there with golden roaches." You're proving that wrong. I'm done with school in another week. You'll have to let me know when you are hitting that pond up and I'll meet up with you some morning. Take it easy. Paul
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