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To all you brilliant experienced fishermen,

I have two , don't get exited they are both worth less thn $500, nevertheless, I cant seem to catch enough fish, and therefore in typical male fashion I have decided to throw money at the problem and get some electronics.

So heres the situtiation:

1. Needs to be portable. So I can switch between between boats and take it with me when the wife lets me get a new one.

2. I don't need anthing exceptionally crazy. It will never see the depths of Lake Michigan. Probably 50' deep at best.

3. One of my boats is a plastic bass boat, so I am thinking of a trolling motor mounted transducer.

4. I am poor.

SO...with all these things in mind, any thoughts?


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Lowrance X67c ice machine.

I use mine all year.
Portable for a small boat, and swap the transducer for ice fishing.

On my boat I have a mount on the fromt to hold the head, and the transducer mounted on the troll motor.

I had a smaller boat and I used the icemachine as a portable unit it was easy to move around so all could use the graph.

Cost is ~$299

I have the unit with the GPS it ran around $399. ... id=0020020
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