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This year is the first spring I have been into bass fishing and really learning about seasonal patterns. I know it was a weird spring and the bass probably got screwed up by the weather.
The first spawning I saw was around May 1 at a small pond with males on beds not interested in my amature presentations. I did get my two biggest fish this year at that pond away from the beds before getting kicked out.
Then I started fishing busse and I figured out after a couple weeks that I mustve been in a prime spawning spot. I kept getting some nice fish and then one day without wind I could see them on beds. The male was in close and the female was out a few more feet occasionally showing herself. 2 weeks ago I saw a school of fry in the N. pond, I brought my lure under it and got hit hard. This is the stage where the fry are hatched and the male protects them from :evil: I did it cus I wanted to catcha fish or 3 but I think it may be bad to pull the males away at this point because they may ditch the fry when you let them go.

Now the fry have been swimming awhile ant the males have given up protecting them, At my other pond the small bass are now eating the fry constantly attacking them.- official postspawn. I have been having a hard time getting many bites the past few days. I got a pins minnow but its kinda hard to cast with my baitcaster, any postspawn advice?
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