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pratts wayne forest preserve

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Today I hit up pratts wayne forest preserve, I noticed lees new shop on the way as I went down Army trail. The first lake seemed pretty shallow along the shores and I didnt see anybody catching anything. I went back and the 2 other lakes besides catfish had fish kills. There was little panfish and tons of frogs all on the bottom of the lakes. And then I noticed all the bass floating in the shore trees, tons of 2-3 lbers :cry: I was using a x rap, a red ratletrap, dt 4, pbj jig, and senko- no bites.

I went over to bass lake and right away a bass was jumping. It kept jumping like 6 more times but it was right under a tree that hung a foot above the water. I moved around bass lake and hit all the open casting spots but again no luck yet.
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Better luck next time. Its interesting to hear a bass was already jumping in Bass Lake. It must be warming up pretty quick!
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