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As of 1-12-08

1. #1cubsfan 100pts
2. Augy 95pts
3. Big Al 90pts
4. toothdoc 85pts
5. ><)))°> kid14 80pts
6. WVmountainman52 75pts
7.Basscaster 35pts
Bassman for Life 35pts
Culprit 35pts
Fish81156 35pts
Fishthoughts 35pts
Islandfisher 35pts
Peewee22782 35pts
rootpro6 35pts

First off : Pat's by 12.....BET THE FARM !!!!!!!!!

Event #1 was a contest that came down to the last 4 minutes. Event #2
looks be just the same.

Top 3 picks from Event #1
Augy , 2:1, The WWD master had trouble in the final event of 2007 looks for the comeback

#1CubsFan, 5/2 , Solid in the all the events in 2007. I don't see any slowing down in 2008

toothdoc, 3:1, Another strong winter contender but sometime the bass at the WWD are harder to cath than gingivitis.

Almost hit the trifecta but had the perfecta box cold!!!!!

Odds and comments for Event #2:

#1cubsfan , 2:1 , Last minute winner in Event #1. Soild top finishes in most events in 2007, can't pick against
Augy , 5:2 , Nipped at the wire in last ....looks to hang on for the win in this hotly contested event.
toothdoc , 5:1, Just needs to "land" that big fish, lets see if he can get that big fish to the scales.
Big Al , 6:1 , 3rd in last , Santa was fast out of the gate in the first event of 2008 just needs to hold his lead
Legend075 , 8:1 , Another fast starter looking to add to his totals late in the day
Islandfisher, 12:1 , Did well in 2007. Back for another try. May have to change to the east side of the pond to produce
WVmountainman52 , 13:1 , Put a few 'qualifiers' on the shore looks to improve his catch
BassCaster, 15:1 , Live by "the stump" die buy the stump...not giving up on it!!!!
Fish81156 , 20:1 , Still looking for that break out day from this Event #1 dark horse pick
FishinMatt , 25:1 , Big lake specialist going to give the WWD a "Dark horse" long shot of the day
ClancyWiggum, 30:1 , Had a few good outings at Deep but the WWD is no Deep Lake ;-)
rootpro6 , 40:1 , Event #1 did not work for this first time starter...looks to ammend
Culprit , 50:1 , Horses for courses and the WWD is not his course.....Lets see if the DLM(Deep Lake Master)
can put a few WWD qualifies on the shore :)

Filed entries looking for a HUGE day


If I missed anyone let me know

Disclaimer Stuff: Odds and comments are for "fun" and not real wagering and in no way reflect any other fishing skills or STUFF!!!!

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Disclaimer Stuff: Odds and comments are for "fun" and not real wagering and in no way reflect any other fishing skills or STUFF!!!!


It's all in good FUN !!!!!!!!

so a Tony ALL wheel perfecta?....LOL

I like it !!!!

Good bet :wink:

Wait the 2 favs won last time.... :shock:

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See you all at the famed WWD......

Good luck to all!!!!!!!

Well I did not get the superbowl right

but I have to go with my top 2 this "Friendly Get Together" :wink:

Big time crowd = big time FUN !!!

Lets Fish !!!!!!!!!!(in the dead of winter)

Game ON :wink: ( and it's just a game.... :roll: )
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