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Preserve lakes after hours

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Anybody fish after the preserve parks close at dusk?
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I would say no :wink: But if one were to do it they would have to park somewhere like a office building lot and walk across River Road, I mean, walk to the lake. But I am sure the CCFP Police frown upon it as I believe the preserves are considered parks and not national forests, meaning they are not for overnight camping, etc. and do have set open/closed hours.
I have heard "rumors" of people parking by the high school near Busse and walking along the creek to fish for walleye by the main dam at night. As for the other lakes, I believe Deep Quary is open until 11pm. Also Twin Lakes is open after dark. And Lake Glenview has signs that say fishing until 8pm.

But for the CCFP lakes, they are pretty strict about closing after dark and write tickets to cars parked there after hours. I'd be afraid to take a chance with getting arrested because they are pretty tight about these things. But i'd be interested to hear other's opinions.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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