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Preventing Line Twist/Backlashes

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A Very Common Mistake Anglers make is While Spooling line on to there reels. To Prevent Line Twist I have been messing around with mine and have found a few tips.

For Spinning reels

Line through the tip of the pole through all the guides untill you get to the reel. Once you get to the reel Tie it on, Cut off the loose Line. (For Begginers...)

While Holding your line tight and reeling in, reel it in a few yards then stop and let slack in the line If The Line Is Twist flip the spool over and continue reeling. This will also prevent your backlashes. The Line should be laying flat on the ground.

Bait Casters

I Only have one and did waste some cheap line just trying it.

Go through same steps.... As above Tie it onto your reel. Put a Pen or some type of long thing that can fit in the hole in the middle of the line spool. Have someone hold it and reel it applying pressure to your line.

These Should Really Help out. Although not a Big important factor a factor that may give you more time on the water and more fish in your hands.

If I didn't exlain it clearly enough.... Just let me know qand I'll Post pictures and a better example soon !


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