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Private Lake 10/23

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Well I got out after school today with my friend. We were going to take out my 12ft. jon boat but decided to hit up a spot we call "the gazebo" instead. And man was I glad we did. Fished from 5-6pm. 3/4 fish caught on firetiger spinnerbait. I also had one follow right up to the pier by a northern. The water was unbelievably clear! I caught all the fish today =) but I did not get a tape on any of them. I apologize in advance for the poor camera phone quality.

caught on spinnerbait

Caught on spinnerbait

Caught on worm

Caught on spinnerbait
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Good job out there today. That is one nice looking northern! :D
toothdoc said:
Good job out there today. That is one nice looking northern! :D
thanks :) all of the northern I've caught out of there have been very colorful and healthy.
Thanks for the awesome report fishinkid! Looks like you got yourself one heck of a honeyhole there!
Great job fishinkid. That pike has some great looking colors very health.
Lokks like a great honey hole, keep fishing while your on a roll.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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