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Private Lake/Des Plaines

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Damn near skenko'd again! :evil: Only two, count 'em two, LM Bass and one was almost as small as the roach it was trying to eat! No kidding, it couldn't have been more than four inches long. Caught both just after getting on the lake at 3pm. Then dead. Not so much as a hint of fish in the water. Man, I hate turnover and colder temps. :cry:
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you weren't using senkos for them were ya? that'd be funny if a 4" bass went after a 5" bait. lol
Well, me and my buddy might have worn out our welcome at the private pond! :( Long, long story that resulted in us taking $12.00 worth of large roaches to Beck today. Our psychotic friend whose father lives on the lake is in a bad mood these days so we are likely not gonna get back out there before the ice you all may be seeing a guy in a Smokercraft rowboat at Beck from time to time (at least as long as the weather is ok and theres no ice). If you see me, just holler and jump in! I need all the help I can get :lol:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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