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I decided to go to Plainfield at my brother in laws private lake on Sunday.
Started fishing aroung 3:30pm. I started throwing a Chrome and blue lipless crankbait but no takers, I then changed to a green pumpkin worm with a hi vis green tail. I had one hit on that worm, but not a taker.

I moved around the lake throwing a weigth less creature bait and finaly had one bass crush it but he was small. I tied on a Spro frog and worked the shore line, and had 4 bass crush the Spro, but I set the hook to soon and lost all 4 of those fish.

I walked around to another lake that was near by, this time thowing a Yum swimbait. I had 3 bass hit the bait but none that were commited. I casted out again with a slow retrieve and SLAM!!! this nice bass wacked the hell out of this bait . Weather started changing, some lightning on the backround and wind started picking up. I switched over to a yellow and white spinnerbait with colorado blades. I casted the spinnerbait along the shoeline and BAM!!! another bass crushed the spinnerbait almost dumping me in the water after I lost my footing on shore.

Here are the pics of those two BASS.

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